Meredith Montague is a documentary photographer and writer born and raised in central Virginia. She studied French and History of Art at Bryn Mawr College before moving to Maine to pursue photography in 2004.

After a multi-year love affair with mid-coast Maine, her fingernails yellowed by darkroom chemistry, Meredith returned to Virginia in late 2006 and began photographing full-time.

She has since shot for a variety of clients including brides & grooms up and down the east coast, international non-profit organizations, small businesses, and inspired individuals.

A regular traveler, Meredith always packs some image-making device in her carry-on. When she forgets, she regrets it bitterly. Her most frequent subject, in her written and visual stories, is her own life and family. Her favorite f-stop is 2.8. She likes Sharpie Extra Fine markers on card stock.

Meredith lives with her husband, daughter, and red merle dog in an old bungalow in Charlottesville, Virginia.


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Beech Hill Grasses, 2006
Prairie’s Bed, 2006
The Bedroom Blinds, 2006
Elm Street House, 2006
The V.I.P. Field, 2008
Beech Hill Road, 2006
The Studio Window, 2008
Lucia Beach, 2007
Doe Mountain, 2009
Snow Bowl Stream, 2006
Hosmer Pond, 2006
Snow Bowl Brambles, 2006
Beech Hill Trees, 2006
Tendril, 2008
The Blown Tree, 2008
Time-Teller, 2008